Estate Planning

Estate planning is simply the exercise of organising your affairs to ensure that your assets are passed on to the people (beneficiaries) that you choose to receive them. This can be while you are still alive or upon your death.

Unfortunately, many people overlook this very important area of financial planning, which can end with assets passing to family members that you did not intend to benefit or worse still, the taxman.

The problem is that many believe estate planning to be a very complex area of financial planning, whereas other people don't want to think about their mortality, let alone plan for it. The truth is that estate planning can be as straightforward for some as arranging a will or even getting married.


There are obviously times when estate planning becomes more complicated, for instance in attempting to reduce (mitigate) an Inheritance Tax liability or plan for possible long term care. 


Whether your affairs are simple or complex, it is worth getting advice in order for your wishes to be protected rather than leaving your assets at risk. 


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