Social Services

Even if you do not need full time care, The Care Act 2014 makes clear that local authorities are obliged to provide or arrange services that help to prevent people developing care and support needs, or delay people deteriorating to the point where they would need ongoing care and support. Therefore, it is worth contacting the adult social services of your local council to find out the options available to you and your family.

Although this provision exists, many people only contact Adult Social Services when long-term care is needed.

The local authority can still help you plan your care even if you don’t want or need financial assistance from them. They should work with you to help arrange services to keep people well and independent as much as possible. 

They should help you identify:

  • what types of care and support are available – such as specialised dementia care, befriending services, reablement, personal assistance and residential care

  • the range of care and support services available locally – which local providers offer certain types of services

  • the requirements you will need to demostrate to access the care and support that is available

  • where you can find local independent financial advice about care and support and help them to access it - SOLLA accredited advisers are recommended

  • how you can raise concerns about the safety or wellbeing of someone with care and support needs


Therefore, if you think you or a loved one needs care now, or in the very near future, it is advisable to ask your local authority for an assessment, regardless of wealth.


Do not delay, as there is normally high demand on social services and it may take some time before an assessment is arranged.


To find your local authority details please click here.

To find out more about SOLLA accredited advisers click here.