State Benefits

It is important that those entitled to State Benefits know what they are entitled to and how much they can claim. The following benefits are those most commonly encountered when someone is requiring care, however, they must be applied for. 

The benefits below are not means-tested, meaning that anyone who meets the criteria can claim regardless of their income or level of savings. They are also not taxable. 

The followng figures are for the 2020/21 tax year. Make sure you aren't missing out:

Attendance Allowance

This benefit is paid where help with personal care or supervision to avoid danger to yourself is required. It is available to those aged 65 or over.


The benefit is paid weekly at either one of two rates:

  • Lower rate of £59.70 per week, paid to those needing care during the day or the night, or

  • Higher rate of £89.15 per week paid to those needing care day AND night.

Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

DLA is payable if you are under 65 years old and need help with personal care or need supervision to avoid danger to yourself. You may also claim if your disability affects your mobility. This part is paid depending on the severity of your disability.

Care Component:

  • £23.60 per week if you need care during part of the day

  • £59.70 per week if care is needed either day or night

  • £89.15 per week if you need care day AND night

Mobility Component:


  • £23.60 per week if some guidance or supervision is required when outdoors

  • £62.25 per week if you can not walk or if walking would cause a risk to your health. This rate is also available if you are both deaf and blind.

If you were born after April 1948 and are 16 or over, any claim to DLA will be replaced with Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and will be paid at the following rates:

Daily Living Component:

  • £59.70 per week Standard Rate

  • £89.15 per week Enhanced Rate

 Mobility Component:

  • £23.60 per week Standard Rate

  • £62.25 per week Enhanced Rate

NHS Nursing Contribution


NHS-funded nursing care is care provided by a registered nurse for people who live in a care home. The NHS will pay a flat rate contribution directly to the care home towards the cost of this registered nursing care.

The rate for 2020/21 is £183.92 per week in England.

You should ask the nursing home to quote the cost of care and check whether or not they have included the NHS Nursing Contribution or not. It may help reduce your care fees if they have not included it.