The Importance of Making a Will

Only by making a Will can you be sure that your affairs will be dealt with exactly as you would wish. That is especially important if you have property or other valuable assets, and even more so if you have dependent children.

Put simply, a Will gives you and your loved ones the peace of mind that your wishes are met in what is a very difficult and emotional time.

Most people think that everything will automatically go to their partner or next of kin, but it is not often that simple and may not be the case, especially if you have children or are not married.

Your Will is your chance to express how you would like your assets distributed after your death and also your wishes in regard to your funeral arrangements. It can be a very personal document and it is sometimes an emotional experience to consider your own mortality and the special people you will leave behind.

Even if you have no family, you might want to ensure that some of your assets are passed to your friends, a charity you support or a religious institution in line with your philosophical beliefs rather than going straight to the Crown. 

A Will is also a very important document and as such it is advisable to get the correct advice when making one. It is perfectly acceptable to write one’s own Will, however, it would not be advisable to do so even if you believe your circumstances are straightforward.

Making a Will is usually a relatively inexpensive exercise but it is good practise to make sure that any costs are disclosed before any instructions are given.  

Most Wills are pretty straightforward and will not take long to do. It is important to make sure that your Will is always up-to-date.

We would always recommend consulting a solicitor to draft your Will as they are generally the most competent and experienced professionals to do so. Most solicitors will take time to understand your circumstances and ask questions in order to draft a Will that applies to you specifically.