Reviewing Your Pension

Many of us have spent our working lives paying into some type of pension scheme, either through an employer or a personal pension. By the time we retire, our pensions may have been running for 30-40 years, indeed it may be the longest commitment we ever make.

Given that we expect our pensions to provide us with an all-important income for retirement, it only makes sense to make sure that the steps you have taken will provide you with something meaningful. Only too often we hear that pensions are awful and "not worth doing", but these comments are often from those who have taken little or no interest in their pension since they started it. 

The performance of your pension can be affected by many things:

Poor investment performance

High running costs

Inflexible options

Limited investment choices

Any one or a combination of these things can do a great deal of harm to the performance of your pension.


We offer a review service which can explain your pensions in full, show the costs, performance and options at retirement.


Contact us  to arrange a review of your retirement provisions to ensure you are best placed to maximise your pensions.